Festival Survival Guide

Festivals are a top opportunity to hang out with mates, watch great bands, and impress strangers with your dance moves.

■ Keep your mobile fully charged

Invest in a battery- powered portable charger (and pack extra batteries) to keep your phone charged during
the event. At some point you’ll probably get separated from your mates, need to call home or have to take a selfie.

■ Leave valuables at home

Leave the iPad, Ray-Bans and credit cards behind; don’t tempt fate.

■ Be sensible

Violence at festivals is unusual but you could get injured while crowd-surfing or moshing. Move away from any rough behaviour that gives you an ‘uh-oh’ feeling.

■ Buy earplugs

It seems mad to pay loads to go to a festival just to use earplugs, but standing right next to crazy- loud speakers will hurt your ears and will damage your hearing over time.

■ Split your money

ATMs are hard to find (and usually charge costly fees) so you’ll need to carry cash. Split it between your wallet and day bag and keep both on you or within your sight. Take a debit card for any emergencies.

■ Stay hydrated

Pack a water bottle so you can fill up cheaply and easily throughout the day, especially in hot weather.

■ Keep alert

Particularly if you’re drinking, keep your wits about you. Make sure that you tell your mates (and parents) where you’re going, watch out for drink spiking and don’t make yourself a target for theft. It’s rare – but it can happen.

Planning ahead – top survival kit

  1. Portable phone charger and extra batteries.
  2. Day pack use it to pack the stuff that won’t safely fit into pockets.
  3. Sunglasses & sun cream. These will help protect you from the sun’s damaging UV rays.
  4. Water bottle go for a Brita or something that can filter tap water.
  5. Toilet paper a festival must-have!

Written by Victoria Evans and Jane Bianchi of Teen Health Guide, and edited by Dr William Swallow MBChB, DRCOG, MRCGP 

© Teen Health Guide Limited