Basic Guidance

Our resources offer organisations a fantastic opportunity to educate and engage their students. A copy to each student, or entire year groups, ensures that they have all received a basic level of health education which will promote community-wide behaviour change. The Guides are great for flicking through, putting down and picking up again much like a lifestyle magazine. Both the Guides and the digital content introduces topics that the students may never have heard of or thought applied to them before.


Promote Self-Help

Our resources and services are a great way for educators to show that they care about the health and wellbeing of their students and demonstrates to parents and key stakeholders that preventative action is being taken. Promoting self-help is fundamental in ensuring you young people grow up to live happy, fulfilled lives with the knowledge and confidence to take care of themselves. Information like this is an investment for the future.

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Build Resilience

Our content aims to empower young people to take control of their lives. Through learning what is healthy and what isn’t, they can start to gain more of an understanding of what changes they could make to be happier and healthier. Our resources give them the tools to make these changes and build their resilience.


Student Led

We speak to young people about the issues that affect them and what they truly want to know about. We answer their burning questions – and a throw in some things that they have maybe never thought about before. We constantly engage with our readers and participants to understand how times are changing and how we can adequately reflect this in our printed resources, digital content and workshops.

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Holistic Approach

We have listened to Public Health England’s call for resources to combine health messages and to deliver such messages in a holistic and impartial way, with the central objective to build young people’s resilience.

With everything in one place, it demonstrates to young people how inextricably linked our health and wellbeing is – and how a tweak in one area can greatly impact another area. An all-encompassing approach takes the embarrassment out of picking up mental or sexual health leaflets and allows students to read and engage in privacy, away from shared computers.



The majority of our content is written by our Founder, Victoria Evans, a 29-year old who is old enough to know what young people need to know, but young enough to write in a peer-to-peer style. Her writing style is often described as like a ‘Big Sister’ - she’s not writing to preach about right and wrong, it’s about giving young people the facts and empowering them to make their own decisions. Everything else is written by young people, for young people.


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