Print resources offer organisations a fantastic opportunity to educate and engage their students. For schools, a copy to each student ensures that they have all received a basic level of health education which will promote community-wide behaviour change. Being a magazine, the Guides are great for flicking through, putting down and picking up again much like a lifestyle magazine. The peer-to-peer editorial style makes the content more appealing to younger audiences and introduces topics that students may not have considered before. With everything in one title, it takes the embarrassment out of picking up mental or sexual health leaflets and allows students to read in privacy, away from shared computers.

The Guides are a great way for educators to show that they care about the health and wellbeing of their students and demonstrates to parents and key stakeholders that preventative action is being taken.

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The benefits for using these resources may vary depending on the type of organisation but largely will:

  • Ensure all young people receive the same basic level of health and wellbeing guidance

  • Promote self-help, serving to decrease pressure on services and ensure these services are only being used where necessary

  • Build resilience in students and decrease drop outs and/or mental health issues


All of our Guides are student led - through focus groups and reader surveys, we found out what the students wanted to know and how they wanted it presented.


We have listened to Public Health England’s call for resources to combine health messages and to deliver such messages in a holistic and impartial way, with the central objective to build young people’s resilience. By tackling a broad range of issues within a single publication, we empower readers to take control of managing their lifestyle and to develop a sense of ownership of their future.

Personally I’d say the size is nice, comprehensive but not too long. The design is consistent
throughout. I learnt to eat breakfast instead of skipping it - I feel so much
— Student Health Guide reader (2018)
This answered the questions I was too embarrassed to ask
— Teen Health Guide reader (2017)
A lot more information
was given in the magazine
which meant the students
could go back and re-read
at their leisure
— Teacher in West Berkshire (2017)

A selection of clients we have worked with:

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